Because character roles and details change over the course of the narrative, there are spoilers ahead for readers who may not be up to date.

Our Protagonists
-Senna Trischam: Unwilling monster of rumors.
-Lily Trischam: Rogue empath.
-Aysa Retinim: Founder and former leader of the Ophentum.

“The Children”
-Batrie: Elite combatant, trainer, and evaluator; shapeshifter-type.
-Jasz: General agent; manipulation-type.
-???: Recon and observation agent; creation-type.
-???: Spy and subversive agent; replaced Hektor of Seyasta; shapeshifter-type.

Hatelite Survivor Enclave
-Krishov Trischam: Chief Alchemist; biological and medical focus. Lily’s father.
-Deakri Osho: Mechanical Alchemist.
-Elva Krasel: Head of the community’s watch program.
-Lucretia Actomer: Apprentice tradeswoman and part-time assistant to the watch. Jacquir’s elder sister.
-Jacquir Actomer: Farmer-in-training and part-time assistant to the watch. Lucretia’s younger brother.
-Jerome Tebatt: Farmer-in-training and part-time assistant to the watch.
-Petra Raal: Prodigy. Cree’s younger sister.
-Cree Raal: Goof-off. Petra’s elder brother.
-Nakite Shira: Chief Alchemist’s assistant.
-Meiga Lacras: Spinster who goes by the nickname ‘Meg’; works as an assistant to various tradesmen both in Hateli and nearby villages. Morgan’s twin sister.
-Morgan Lacras: Housewife. Meiga’s twin sister. Teram’s wife.
-Teram Ashvie: Local carpenter. Morgan’s husband. Kita’s uncle.
-Kita Ashvie: Apprentice scribe and secretary. Teram’s niece.
-Nikki Straley: Transmission device operator.

The Ophentum
-Janus Etrescar: Interim leader of the Ophentum.
-Ekkan Dores: Founding member; advisor to Janus; unofficial counselor.
-Xander Omaro: Senior member. Elzebe’s younger brother.
-Elzebe Omaro: Senior member. Xander’s elder sister.
-Teneya Trigali: Senior member.
-Mia Valler: Warden; blacksmith and forge alchemist.
-Kiete Lann: Warden; cartographer.
-Rennir Branbar: Member.
-Naora Yanntile: Member.
-Meisha Girrase: Initiate.

Independent Alchemists
-Leiv Ottosen: Partial hermit; experimental researcher.
-Mana Corsea: Former advisor and administrator for the Ophentum.

-Ounirok: First.
-Ratheim Dedereska: Second.
-Tyronus Oltia: Third.
-Meneura Hoscura: Fourth.
-Mazante Nakfolge: Fifth.
-Louri Sialle: Sixth.
-Altera Aixiullon: Seventh.
-Ditroph: Eighth.
-Gheira Vitral: Ninth.
-Zarkesa Beloniid: Eleventh.
-Nykorosk Kriskin: Twelfth.

Yleinic Insurrection
-Surgriel Sacroline: Leader. Former Aichlein.
-Kirienne Paschrike: Minor administrator under Surgriel.
-Ophi Leshera: Housewife; recent Yleinic immigrant living in Hateli.

-Chorazom: Mysterious historical/mythological figure on Erhia. Related to Senna’s birth and curse, as well as the creation of “The Children”.
-???: Surgriel’s ally; transported the Yleini under Surgriel to Erhia.

Those from the Past
-Frida Corsea: Traveling saleswoman. Important figure in Senna’s past.
-Lamine: Witch. Senna’s mother.
-Lamora: Witch.